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ONIX 3.0.7 is the latest revision of the ONIX 3.0 standard. Its main innovation is a new ‘Block 7’ that covers ‘promotional events’.

Publishers and booksellers arrange thousands of book signings, readings and other ‘meet the author’ appearances, yet this promotion activity is often invisible to potential purchasers. Unless a reader happens to visit the author’s own website, or the physical bookstore, they may remain unaware of their opportunity to meet the author, or get a copy signed.

The latest revision of ONIX allows these events to be listed alongside the books they promote, in a brand new set of data fields. Over time, this will increase the visibility and reach of those promotional events, allow aggregation of event information and perhaps enable services that would allow readers to subscibe to alerts when their favourite author visits their locality.

Of course - as with previous revisions – ONIX 3.0.7 remains fully compatible with earlier versions, and all the additions are optional.

Read more about the changes here, and download the updated Specification, the Implementation and Best Practice Guide and the latest XML tools here.

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